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TRJ Planning assists both public agencies and private developers on land development and long-range planning projects.

We understand the needs of businesses and public agencies. Our unique combination of supporting both private and public clients strengthens our ability to provide creative solutions.

TRJ Planning and our creative solutions balance community needs and goals with interests of the employers in the community.

We fuel project success

TRJ Planning understands time is a cost of development, and prompt service is critical to maintaining a project schedule. Our unique approach fuels our ability to identify an efficient permitting path for land development projects.

Our experience working in communities allows us to better understand the regulations and policies as they apply within specific communities and the interests that drive them.

Our track record speaks for itself

Our experience in commercial, industrial, and residential permitting provides an effective strategy for land use approvals, and informs policy and long-range planning for municipal clients.

Todd Johnson, Founder & President

Todd has 26 years of planning experience. During his career, he has been active in shaping regional planning and land use policies, including participation in several stakeholder groups.

He offers clients a personalized approach to their project needs. Todd’s approach, and understanding of the policies, has shaped development in communities for the last 26 years.

If your community has economic challenges, Todd and TRJ Planning can work with you and help to identify the needs of the industry sectors vital to your community’s goals for employment and economic stability.

For land development, Todd and TRJ Planning can apply our experience in community development to identify the most efficient permitting process for your project.

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